Japanese Tsuchiya expanding their manufacturing plant in České Budějovice (CzechTrade, 2.6.2014)

In May 2014, a Czech subsidiary of Tsuchiya “BBH Tsuchiya s.r.o.” invested additional half a billion CZK for the expansion of their facility. The firm expects to hire further 45 employees as production grows. The additional investment was made under the expectation of supply increase towards Japanese companies in Europe, and they are planning to hire dozens more people in the near future.

BBH Tsuchiya had acquiried Czech company BBH Stitkarna in 2006 in a bid to produce dials for automobile dashboards for automotive and machine tool industries. The plant is located in České Budějovice occupying 21,000 m2 and employing 130 people. Company has increased its turnover from 85 million CZK to 130 million CZK over the past three years – thanks to its superb printing technology.