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Instagram favourite camera app of female university students

What Japan Thinks - Čt, 09/13/2018 - 18:50
jQuery(window).on('load', function() { var theConfig;theConfig = kenyn_piegraph_stats([21.9, 35.5, 30.4, 12.2], ["Default camera features only", "One or two", "Three or four", "Five or more"], 'How many photo manipulation applications do you use?', 'myChart1-camera-photo-manipulation.png');jQuery('.chart-canvas').show(); var ctx = document.getElementById('myChart1-camera-photo-manipulation.png').getContext("2d"); new Chart(ctx, theConfig); });

This interesting little survey was from TesTee Lab!, a survey company that specialises inthe youth demographic, and looked at female college students’ use of cameras and photo manipulation software.

A lot of the photo manipulation applications are unknown to me; I never do much more than the default filters on Instagram, and I don’t take enough selfies – well, I do take enough, absolutely zero – to feel the need to touch up my skin. On the other hand, I see occasionally on TV that Japanese celebs claim to do no-make selfies; while technically they might have been wearing no cosmetics at the time the shutter was pressed, they’ve very obviously airbrushed their skin and more often than not tweaked their chin and/or jaw line.

I’ve always wanted to buy these clip-on lenses for my smartphone, and as good fortune would have it, I was at a conference today and one of the goodies I got from IBM Japan was a set of three clip-on lenses. I could post the test fisheye selfie, but I don’t want to scare away too many of my readers! Perhaps I should download one of these apps and see if my mug can be “improved”…

Here’s some random Japanese taking a selfie:

Research results Q1: What devices do you use to take photographs? (Sample size=503, multiple answer) Smartphone
Digital camera (including SLR, mirrorless)
Q2: How many camera photo manipulation applications do you use? (Sample size=503) Default camera features only
One or two
Three or four
Five or more
Q3: What camera applications do you use? (Sample size=503, multiple answer) Rank
LINE Camera







Q4: Do you retouch your photographs? (Sample size=503, multiple answer) Yes (to SQ1)

Q4SQ: How do you retouch your photographs? (multiple answer) Brightness, contrast
Q5: What have you purchased to support smartphone photography? (Sample size=503, multiple answer, top three) Rank
Selfie stick
Smartphone lens
Paid app
Q6: What activities have you done in order to get photographs to post to SNS? (Sample size=503, multiple answer) Visited a cafe, sweets shop
Bought food, drink
Taken a day trip to a wall (?), building, leisure facility
Bought clothes, accessories, cosmetics
Taken an overnight trip to a wall (?), building, leisure facility
Attended an event

Over the 21st and 22nd of May 2018 503 female university students completed a private internet-base questionnaire for TesTee Lab. No further demographics are really needed.

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